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Sensation Cinema is a totally unique cinema experience that will add another dimension to your movie event or themed party.


If you have ever experienced a 4D film in a theme park, then you will already know what to expect, although this time - it will be in your own event space.


Any movie that you can imagine can be bought to life with our pre-programmed effect tracks, which triggers various special effects along the way to enhance, surprise, or shock you during your movie event, creating an exciting multi-sensory 4D experience.


As well as a large 3D projector and full Dolby surround sound, we have a load of 4D surprises from our theatrical wind machines, fog bursts, bubble and snow flurries, right up to our synchronised lighting effects, rumbling platforms, and a few exciting startle effects, including rain, smell blasts and leg ticklers.


If you have a particular movie that you are interested in, or would like us to suggest something to suit you or your event, we can make any film or company video jump to life, with an army of effects that are completely customisable to your needs.


Further more, if you are interested in a permanent installation, we can help every step of the way with custom animated films, attraction concept and install. Whatever the type of 4D screening, we guarantee it’ll be something sensational.  

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