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We want our customers to have the very best 4D movie experience they can, and therefore we kindly request that:


-All customers are courteous and considerate to our show technicians.


-The event planner and or/person making the booking with us take full responsibility for themselves, their guests, and their conduct during their 4D movie experience.


-Clients should respect the equipment that Sensation Cinema provide for their 4D experience. Anyone found to be causing damage on purpose to any equipment may be asked to leave from their 4D movie experience, or the 4D movie experience cancelled completely.


-Clients should respect and follow any signage provided by us, that may be in pace to ensure the safety of our technicians, and our customers/and their guests.


If clients and/or their guests are found not to be following our code of conduct, we reserve the right to cancel the 4D movie experience at any time, and refunds will be at the sole discretion of Sensation Cinema Events Ltd.


For further information, please contact [email protected]




Sensation Cinema Events is operated by 4inDoors Entertainment Ltd and is an event business which provides theatrical ambient and startle effects, which run in sync with various Blu-ray movies, where a number of theatrical effects are programmed to compliment the action on screen. Sensation Cinema Ltd is not connected to, or endorsed by any major film stuidio.Sensation Cinema Events movie screenings are fully licenced which are obtained through


Sensation Cinema places great importance on the health and safety of our customers, and we aim to ensure that our standards are met by all customers for whom we provide our 4D movie experiences. All customers booking a 4D experience with us are subject to the following conditions, and any person who does not comply with these conditions could be asked to leave, or cause the 4D experience to be stopped or the event cancelled, without any right to a refund. This is without prejudice to any claim that Sensation Cinema may have against such a person or persons from their actions.


1-All customers acknowledge that they are under a duty to take reasonable steps to ensure themselves and/or their guests’ safety, taking into account of any personal medical conditions. All customers and their guests should behave in a safe manor during their 4D experiences, ensuring that young children are accompanied at all times, and follow signage or other reasonable instruction from Sensation Cinema staff, or any third party instructed on behalf of Sensation Cinema


2-Sensation Cinema acting reasonably at all times, reserves the right to cancel a 4D movie experience without the right to refund if these terms and conditions, and our code of conduct for customers are not followed, or if customers/their guests, or anyone confirmed to be acting in their place, and/or working for them, employed or otherwise, act in a way in which Sensation Cinema feels to be inappropriate, intimidating, or the safety of our staff, or other event guests are threatened in any way whatsoever.


3-Sensation Cinema will endeavour to ensure that all of our provided theatrical effects agreed for customers 4D movie experiences, are in safe working condition and will be fully available during your 4D movie experience. However we reserve the right without prior notice to change or uninstall a theatrical effect due to faults technically, mechanically, pneumatic, or otherwise out of our control, or to ensure the safety of our staff and customers, or if Sensation Cinema reasonably considers the circumstances so require.


4-All theatrical ambient and startle effects, or other facilities provided by Sensation Cinema must only be used in accordance with Sensation Cinema, and/or the relevant operator’s instructions.


5-From time to time Sensation Cinema or other authorised parties carry out photography and/or video recording during our 4D movie experiences, which is likely to include customers and/or their guests. Such images may be used in any promotional or publicity materials in any format whatsoever relating to Sensation Cinema Events and/or 4inDoors Entertainment Ltd. We value our customers’ feedback and would ask full permission at the time of your booking, before any photographic or video recording should take place. Copyright of these materials would rest with Sensation Cinema Events and/or 4inDoors Entertainment Ltd.


6-Sensation Cinema cannot take responsibility for items and belongings of customers and/or their guests during our 4D movie experiences. Event planners and/or customers and/or their guests should take full responsibility. Sensation Cinema and/or 4inDoors Entertainment.Ltd accepts no liability to the loss or damage to such property.


7-If any customer and/or their guests are in breach of these conditions and are a member of a group, then such group of individuals may also be asked to leave, or cause the 4D movie experience to be stopped or cancelled without right to refund.


8-The Sensation Cinema experience is not recommended to operate in close proximity to animals, and we cannot be responsible for animals’ behaviour before, during, or after your 4D experience. It is therefore your responsibility to ensure the full comfort and safety of your/or your guests pets, and to ensure their safety, as well as the safety of others, at all times.


9-Please take a moment to familiarise yourself with the COSHH data sheets that will be provided by us, ensuring that any health concerns concerning yourself, and that of your guests, and their possible reactions to fog use, strobe effects, startle effects, or any other theatrical effect that may be used. It is the customers’ responsibility to ensure that all guests with sensitivity to such effects are aware of this before attending a 4D movie experience.


10-50% total of the event must be paid when confirming your booking. The final balance to be paid before the event, and no later than two weeks. Sensation Cinema bookings will only be refunded if in absolute discretion chooses to do so.